Your Life, God's Way

About The Author

"I had gone to a church service with some friends and when one of them went forward at the altar call, I did too.  I repeated a sinner's prayer, hugged my friend and went home.  For six months I never opened a Bible, never went to church and didn't even pray.  I didn't do the things I should have been doing and did lots of things I shouldn't have done.  But I thought I was 'saved' and was living a 'good Christian life.' I was wrong."

Now, for more than 25 years, John Dallas McCarter has served Jesus Christ in small groups, both as a member and leader; in various local and national ministries and as a church deacon/trustee.  With "God's Handbook for New Christians  (And maybe for some not so new ones too')" John is following God’s call to tell Christians throughout the world that salvation and living that good Christian life takes more than just repeating a few words at an altar and living the same way as before; it takes a change of heart, it takes becoming a new creation and it takes living life in a different way-God's way.