Your Life, God's Way


"Do You Have Enough G.A.S. To Get To Heaven?"

A Road Map For Thoses Who don't Know They're Lost

G.A.S.—Genuine, Authentic Salvation

What is it? Do we need it? Do we have it?  How Do We Know?

     As Christians, we believe that when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we have received salvation and have secured our place in Heaven.  But what does it really mean to “accept” Jesus; to make Him our Savior and our Lord?
     To fully accept Jesus, and have this genuine, authentic salvation, means we must believe He is the son of God; we must trust Him to do what He promised to do, we must love Him above all others; we must obey His commands.  And we must do this from our hearts, not just our heads.  Anybody can just say they accept Jesus but that’s not good enough.  We need to mean it with our whole being. 

     Well, yes, if you want to get into Heaven.  God loves each of us so much and He wants every one of us to be with Him in Heaven.  All we must do to get in is know Jesus and allow Him to be the Lord of our lives.  But we can’t just know about Him; we need to really know Him, have a relationship with Him, accept Him and be committed to Him.

     That is the question!  We may think we do.  We think because we do good things and are nice people we’ll go to Heaven when we die.  Many more attend church services and think that’s enough.  But God is righteous, just, and perfect and He won’t let us into Heaven until we meet His simple criteria: know and accept Jesus, and even more importantly, Jesus must know us.

     So, how do we know we’ve truly accepted Jesus from our hearts?  For starters, we’ll have peace and joy like we’ve never had before.  We’ll also find we want to live our lives the way God wants us to.  In this book there are 21 examples taken directly from the Bible showing us how God wants us to live our lives.

This book, “Do You Have Enough G.A.S. To Get To Heaven?” gives us ways to do just that—live our lives God's way.